About the Blog

Words and Soups apparently have something in common.

When the ingredients and mood are right, they naturally produce enjoyable results.

You and I are kindred spirits with probably a million differences, yet at least with one thing in common – we continuously wax eloquent stories from within ourselves that are unique, experiential, and relevant.

If you are here as a person who likes stories, I hope you will come with me on this storytelling journey because I can’t do this well without you.

Happy to celebrate the common bonds we share through storytelling while embracing our imperfections.

Cheers and best regards, MMC 2.0

About the Author

Mohan Mathew Chacko is a multi-disciplinary freelance writer and one who runs the WORDSOUPS blog as if it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened in the storytelling blogging world.

From the time when he survived a near-death situation on a surgeon’s table, he considers this his second life and believes he is now a better version of his previous self. Nowadays he likes to be known as MMC 2.0 though no one else seems to care.

When he’s not writing something for his clients or for his blog, you’ll find him vexing his wits to learn tricks and techniques to create banners, infographics, presentations, comic strips, videos, and newsletters.

Everything you see on WORDSOUPS is awkwardly created by him without employing professional support. MMC 2.0 says these exercises help keep him agile and young though the real motive is his reluctance to shell out money to professionals.

When he gets too tired with all this and needs to get his batteries charged, you will find him listening to music ranging between classic rock and blues while nursing his book collection or fiddling with his Kindle. That is if he’s not already dozing off watching TV.

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” When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed doors that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”

– Helen Keller